What is Alberhill Villages?

Alberhill Villages is a new community planned for the Lake Elsinore Valley. The project is comprised of residential, commercial, higher education and open space. Alberhill Villages was envisioned to enhance the quality of life in the area and bring residents closer to their shared vision for the future of the City.

Where is Alberhill Villages?

Villages is located in the Alberhill District of Lake Elsinore, nestled between Lake Street and the Cleveland National Forest, just south of the I-15 freeway.

What will I see at Alberhill Villages?

• Shopping, dining and entertainment
• A four-year university
• Parks and trails, along with two lakes
• Office spaces and medical facilities

• A new LEUSD elementary school
• A vibrant civic area and performing arts center
• New single-family and multi-family homes